Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My music

I have a few different home recording projects linked online.

Sun Silo
  • Michael Gallope, synths/samples
  • Jason McGrath, guitars
  • Aaron McKain, bass
  • Matt Sumera, drums/percussion
  • Travis Workman, keyboard
Wide Open Spaces
  • Matt Tracy, Guitars
  • Will Tracy, Bass
  • Erik Wells, Guitar
  • Matt Sumera, Drums
Giant Panda
  • Jack Krebs, guitar, bass, percussion, vocals, production
  • Jerry Fess, cello, percussion
  • Matt Sumera, drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals
  • Scott Hreha, bass, guitar, vocals, keyboards, production
  • Matt Sumera, drums, marimba, percussion, vocals, keyboards, production, samples
Mostly solo stuff I've done over the years.

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