Monday, February 02, 2009

Top 21-40

Thought I'd continue this little exercise. Again, no "best of" or compilation albums, effectively cutting out almost all of the non-Western "traditional" discs I love and listen to frequently. Also cutting out many pre-1960s albums: no Blanton-Webster band, no Hot 5s or 7s, and no Sun or Chess Records sets. Rather, this is a list of my favorite albums, recordings conceived of as such, and thereby a more limited list of my subjective listening responses.

40. D'Angelo, Voodoo
39. Sinead O'Connor, The Lion and the Cobra
38. Johnny Cash, At San Quentin
37. Sun Ra, The Magic City
36. Nick Drake, Pink Moon
35. Brian Eno, Here Come the Warm Jets
34. Godflesh, Streetcleaner
33. The Stooges, Raw Power
32. Pink Floyd, Piper at the Gates of Dawn
31. Rod Stewart, Every Picture Tells a Story
30. Stevie Wonder, Innervisions
29. Joy Divison, Closer
28. Tricky, Maxinquaye
27. Ornette Coleman, The Shape of Jazz to Come
26. Can, Future Days
25. Cecil Taylor, Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come
24. Pavement, Slanted and Enchanted
23. Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks
22. Public Enemy, Fear of a Black Planet
21. Albert Ayler, Spiritual Unity

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