Monday, March 09, 2009

American Anthropological Association Conference Panel

I'm honored to have been asked to participate in a panel at the AAA meeting in December 2009. The panel, "Virtual War and Magical Death: Technologies and Imaginaries for Killing and Terror" is co-organized by Neil Whitehead, Sverker Finnstrom, and Koen Stroeken. Participants, presentation schedule, and paper titles include:

Robertson Allen, "Virtual Citizen-Soldiers: U.S. Army Video Game Designers go to Basic Combat Training"
Matthew Sumera, "Music, Aesthetics, and the Technologies of Online War"
R. Brian Ferguson, "Anthropology as We Know It--A Casualty of War?"
Sverker Finnstrom, "Humanitarian death? The Lord's Resistance Army (Uganda) and international interventions as magical terror"
Roberto Gonzales, " 'Forecasting' Insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan"
Jeff Sluka, "Cyber-War in the Tribal Zone: Airstrikes, Drones, and Civilian Casualties in the ‘War on Terrorism’ in Afghanistan and Pakistan"
Antonius Robben, "Chaos and the Techno-Imaginary of Combat"
Victoria Stanford, "Propaganda, Gangs and Social Cleansing in Guatemala"
Koen Stroeken, "Why kill for magic?"
Neil Whitehead, "Torture-Scape: HTS as Human Terror System - Deploying Ethnography and Torture"

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